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47 Labs 4712 Phonocube MC phono stage Whest Power cord 1.5m Synergistic Research Absolute Reference X2 XLR 1m pair Solid Tech Feet of Silence (set of 4) Shunyata Zitron Anaconda XLR 1.5m pair KEF TDM 34DS THX surround speakers Shunyata Anaconda Helix Vx 1.8m Shunyata Hydra VRay Transparent Audio Reference MM spk cable 3.5m pair Aesthetix Romulus CD player Egg-Shell Prestige PS5 Yamaha YSP CU3300 Audience aR1p power conditioner Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha C19 1.8m Shunyata Hydra AV Avantgarde DUO Omega G2 Reimyo DAP-999EX Limited Ortofon limited edition MC A95 Air Tight ATM-300 (price reduced) Air Tight ATC-3 (price reduced) Otomatsu BDR-HPA02 Lyra Kleos Mono Aesthetix Calypso Signature Line stage preamp (price reduced) Aesthetix Pandora Signature Triode TRV-M300SE ATC SCM-50 ASLT Grand Prix Audio Monaco amp stand (price reduced) Synergistic Research Active Ground Block SE Ocellia Reference power cord 1.5m DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core Pass Labs XP-12 (price further reduced) Bryston BP26 with MPS2 psu and BR2 remote Magico Q3 Chord Shawline Digital BNC to 3mm miniplug 1m Audio Analogue Donizetti mono amplifier (1 pc) Kondo KSL-Spz pure silver jumper set Usher Dancer Mini-X Diamond Symphonic Line RG-1 MK4 Ginko Audio Jumbo Cloud 11 isolation platform Bel Canto Ref 1000 mono (1 pc only) Shunyata Zitron Anaconda S XLR 1m pair Shunyata Zitron Python XLR 1m pair Soulution 711 stereo amplifier (price reduced) Yter Power cord 1.8m McCormack ALD-1 Deluxe preamp Crystal Cable CrystalConnect Ultra XLR 1.7m pair Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold Shunyata Python Helix Alpha 1.75m Tara Labs RSC Evolution Digital 75 BNC 1m Ansuz Diamond D8 power distributor (price reduced) Soundstring GEN II SE interconnects XLR 1m pair Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Waveform™ hf Digital 1m Sim Audio Moon 280D DAC (price reduced) Aesthetix Callisto Eclipse Linestage preamp (price reduced) Aesthetix Rhea Signature phono stage Reference 3A Grand Veena Bryston BDP-2 Digital Player Meridian DSP 3200 and Core 200 Controller Horns Mummy Horn-loaded Loudspeaker (price reduced) Furutech deStat SNH-2 Harmonic Tech Truth Link XLR 1m pair
Von Schweikert VR 44 Aktive (price reduced) Oppo BDP-95 Universal Player (price reduced) Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II 1m XLR (price reduced) van den Hul The Well RCA 1m pair MIT Shotgun S1.3 speaker cable 2.5m pair (price reduced) Mark Levinson ML52 preamp (price reduced) Yamaha PX-2 Linear-tracking turntable VPI Classic 4 with JMW 12 3D tonearm MIT Shotgun S1.3 RCA 1m pair (price reduced) Grado Reference Series RS1 headphones Bryston 6B SST² Three-Channel Amplifier Art Audio Carissa SE 845 amplifier (price reduced) Vienna Acoustics Webern speakers - 1 pair (price reduced) Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy 8 (price further reduced) Vienna Acoustics Schonberg Series speakers (price reduced) PurePower+ 3000 Reference Grade AC Regenerator (price further reduced) Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy 6 (price further reduced) Kimber Kable PK 10 ASCENT 6ft. (price further reduced) TacT Millennium Digital Amplifier (price further reduced) Denon DVD-A1XV (price further reduced) Meridian 861 V4 Surround Processor (price reduced) Trinnov Audio ST2-HiFi (price further reduced) Meridian 568 digital surround processor (price reduced) MSB Universal Media Transport Plus w/ Signature Transport Power Base (price further reduced) MSB The Analog DAC w/ Analog Power Base (price further further reduced) Pioneer M-90 Lessloss Firewall module Line magnetic LM-211 IA (price further reduced) Avantgarde Acoustic XA pre and power amp combo. McCormack DNA-0.5 with Rev. A upgrade (price reduced) Ansuz Signalz Aluminium XLR 1m pair (price further reduced) 47 Labs 4706 gaincard amplifier Acoustic Revive TB-38 quartz isolation base (price reduced) Audio Note DAC 3 Sig. upgraded to DAC 4 Sig. status Entreq Eartha Infinity Atlantis RG45 LAN Ground Earth Cable(1.65m) Audio Alchemy DPP-1 + PS5 power supply upgrade Project Debut Carbon DC Sine S20A power conditioner Wharfedale Jade 5 (price reduced) Magico S3 (price reduced) Ansuz Diamond speaker jumper set (price reduced) 47 Labs Model 4717 Shigaraki integrated amplifier Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC (price reduced) Mytek Digital Stereo192-DSD-DAC with LPS mod (price further reduced) Audio Alchemy DPA-1M (price reduced) Synergistic Research Element CTS speaker cable 8ft pair (price reduced) Artesania Prestige rack 4 tier (price reduced)  Audio Alchemy DPA-1 - brand new! Stahl-Tek Opus Transport and Opus DAC Monrio Top Loader Type 2 (price further reduced) Melco EP-10 preamp Synergistic Research Element CTS digital (RCA) 1m Esoteric 7N-DA6100 RCA 1m pair (price further reduced) Constellation Audio Centaur Stereo (price further reduced) Constellation Audio Virgo II (price reduced) Nitty Gritty Model 1.0 (price reduced) Devialet 1000 Pro (with core infinity upgrade) - price further reduced Harmonix Max Jumper set 0.45m pair (price further reduced) Weiss Medea DAC (price further reduced) Crystal Cable Absolute Dream Jumper set

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• S1 Mk2, S3 Mk2, S5 Mk2, S7 Mk2
• Q1 Mk2, Q3 Mk2, Q5 Mk2, Q7 Mk2
• M Pro, M3
• L-106 Preamp
• L-103 Preamp
• L-101 Reference Preamp
• C-100 Reference Preamp w/ Phono
• SQ-102 Phono Stage
• P-106 Stereo Power Amp
• P-105 Stereo Power Amp
• RP-300 Reference Power Amp
• JI-300 Mk5 Integrated Amp
• DA-100 DAC
5 Series:
• 501 Mono
• 511 Stereo
• 520 Preamp
• 530 Integrated Amp
• 541 SACD Player
• 560 DAC
• 590 USB Convertor
  7 Series:
• 701 Mono
• 711 Stereo
• 725 Preamp
• 746 SACD
• 750 Phono
• 755 Phono
• 760 DAC
• Kronos Pro
• Sparta
• Sparta 0.5
• Black Beauty Tonearm
• Helena Tonearm
• Universum
• Mummy
• Aria 1
• Aria 2
• FP6
• FP10
• FP15
• Signature Platinum
• Signature Gold
• Eminent GL
• Hyper Eminent
• Eminent
• Eminent Solo
• Stage 1030
• Stage 302
• Diamond Proteus
• Proteus
• Phoenix
• Axia
• DS Master1
• DS-W1
• DS 002
• Emotion Series
• Elation Series
• Realization Series
• Vi DAC
• Source Media Server
• Go2Pro
• Pulse DAC
• Geek Out DAC
• Lightspeed Cables
• PE 1010
• PE 4040


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