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Synergistic Research Element CTS digital (RCA) 1m Transfiguration Phoenix S ACCUSTIC ARTS POWER ES integrated amplifier Telos Audio Branda Signature power cord 1.5m Dali Ikon 6 MKII Gato Audio FM-2 Longyu MAGIC-10000 SUPER HIGH POWER CONDITIONER Cardas Golden Reference XLR 1m pair AMR CD-77 Clearaudio Matrix Record Cleaning Machine Cary Audio SLP-05 EgglestonWorks Fontaine Signature Audio Note CD-Zero LH Labs Geek Pulse X Fi with LPS4 JVC DLA-HD250 Projector WireWorld Gold Starlight 6 XLR 0.5m (price reduced) Magico Q3 (price reduced) Acrolink 7N-S10000 II 2m pair (price reduced) Esoteric 9N-PC9100 MEXCEL 1.5m (price reduced) Sansui CD-10 electronic crossover network Esoteric 7N-PC7100 1.5m (price reduced) Esoteric 7N-DA6100 RCA 1m pair (price reduced) Audio Space DAC-2US (price reduced) Arcolink 7N-A2070 RCA 1m pair (price reduced) Horns Aria1 Constellation Audio Centaur Stereo (price reduced) Constellation Audio Virgo II (price reduced) Ikeda IT-407 CR1 Gold 12" tonearm Nordost Valhalla speaker cables 4m pair bi-wire Miyajima Kansui Rogers db101 Tron Seven Reference phono stage (price reduced) TW Acustic Raven AC with Triplanar VII arm (price reduced)  Audio Note AN-Vx 1.5m pair (price reduced) Nitty Gritty Model 1.0 (price reduced) Harbeth Monitor 30.1 AMR AM-777 (price reduced) Avantgarde UNO XD Air Tight ATM-300 (price reduced) Thiel MCS-1 with stand mount brackets - 1 pair Shunyata Venom3 power cord (price reduced) Cocktail Audio X10 (price reduced) Shunyata Hydra 2 (price reduced) Harmonix SYN-100 tuning feet Burmester 948 power conditioner
Wilson Audio Alexia (price reduced) Devialet 1000 Pro (with core infinity upgrade) Shunyata Hydra V-Ray Doge 9 tube monoblock Avantgarde UNO Picco (price reduced) Mark Levinson No.536 monoblock power amps (price reduced) Raidho Acoustics D3.1 Reimyo CDT-777 CD transport (price reduced) Impulse Moskito turntable Dartzeel NHB-18NS & NHB-108 Model One SME V tonearm (price further reduced) Goldmund Telos 400 (price reduced) Shunyata Talos (price reduced)  VPI TNT Turntable (price reduced) Audio Note M2 preamplifier w/ phono stage (price reduced) Constellation Audio Centaur Mono (price reduced) Soulution 720 preamp (price reduced) Kharma Ceramique 3.2 (price reduced) Shunyata Zitron Python RCA interconnect ASR Emitter 2 Exclusive German Physiks HRS-120 New Audio Frontiers 845 SE (price reduced) HRS NS-100 (price reduced) EAT 300B vacuum tubes - 1 pair (price reduced) Creek OBH-21 SE w/ Plixar Linear PSU (price reduced) Linn Classik music center (price further reduced) Furutech Silver Arrows phono cable 1.2m Art Audio Vinyl One  Project 6 Perspex with Sumiko Black Bird cartridge  Fo.Q e-Terminus ET-01 grounding device (Brand New) Audio Note M2B Line preamp (price reduced) Shunyata Triton V2 power conditioner (price reduced) Air Tight PC-1 Supreme Shunyata Zitron Anaconda AES/EBU digital cable 1m Harmonix Max Jumper set 0.45m pair Weiss Medea DAC (price reduced) JPS Labs SuperConductor FX Interconnect 1m pair (price reduced) TW Acustic Raven One with Raven 10.5 tonearm (price reduced)  Audio Note AN-Vx digital cable 1m (price reduced) BSC M5 monoblocks Ayon Audio Triton II (price reduced) Crystal Cable Absolute Dream Jumper set Kondo KSL-M77 (price further reduced)

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• S1 Mk2, S3 Mk2, S5 Mk2, S7 Mk2
• Q1 Mk2, Q3 Mk2, Q5 Mk2, Q7 Mk2
• M Pro, M3
• L-106 Preamp
• L-103 Preamp
• L-101 Reference Preamp
• C-100 Reference Preamp w/ Phono
• SQ-102 Phono Stage
• P-106 Stereo Power Amp
• P-105 Stereo Power Amp
• RP-300 Reference Power Amp
• JI-300 Mk5 Integrated Amp
• DA-100 DAC
5 Series:
• 501 Mono
• 511 Stereo
• 520 Preamp
• 530 Integrated Amp
• 541 SACD Player
• 560 DAC
• 590 USB Convertor
  7 Series:
• 701 Mono
• 711 Stereo
• 725 Preamp
• 746 SACD
• 750 Phono
• 755 Phono
• 760 DAC
• Kronos Pro
• Sparta
• Sparta 0.5
• Black Beauty Tonearm
• Helena Tonearm
• Universum
• Mummy
• Aria 1
• Aria 2
• FP6
• FP10
• FP15
• Signature Platinum
• Signature Gold
• Eminent GL
• Hyper Eminent
• Eminent
• Eminent Solo
• Stage 1030
• Stage 302
• Diamond Proteus
• Proteus
• Phoenix
• Axia
• DS Master1
• DS-W1
• DS 002
• Emotion Series
• Elation Series
• Realization Series
• Vi DAC
• Source Media Server
• Go2Pro
• Pulse DAC
• Geek Out DAC
• Lightspeed Cables
• PE 1010
• PE 4040


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