Rega RP-6 with TT-PSU (price reduced) (SOLD)

Rega's award-winning RP6 brings the outstanding performance of a true high-end turntable to you at an incredible low price.

A marked step up from Rega's acclaimed P3 table, RP6 offers a more accurate transcription of the records grooves. It comes fitted with the hand-assembled, world-class RB303 tonearm, a precision main bearing, Rega's "stress-beam" assembly, and a low-vibration, low-noise 24v motor assembly that is individually hand-tuned to its circuit to further reduce vibration. RP6 also comes complete with Rega's TT-PSU Power Supply Upgrade for dead-on speed accuracy.

In almost brand new condition, this item is only 2 months old and seldom used. Comes with the latest TT-PSU power supply and speed selector, and packaged with an Audio Technica AT-F5 MC cartridge.

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