Shunyata Anaconda CX 15A (price reduced) (SOLD)

The Anaconda CX sports an incredible 450 individual conductors, all braided using Shunyata’s proprietary dual counter rotating geometry. Although the massive 7 gauge aggregate conductor core may suggest ultra high-current applications only, Anaconda CX is equally capable of offering the finest in resolution when used on sources and preamps, as well as line components of all kinds.

Terminations are Shunyata’s own, optimized SR-ZP AC and IEC connectors. Anaconda CX also undergoes Shunyata's exclusive Alpha Cryogenic conductor treatment before being finished and ready for application!

“The lowering of the noise floor and the increase in resolution are more pronounced with the CX Series AC Cords. But the areas of greatest improvement with the new products is in the bass extension, power, and bottom-end dynamics. In experimenting with different cords, I attribute the improvements in bass and dynamics more to the new CX cords.”
- Robert Harley, Editor of The Absolute Sound, Editor’s Choice Award

In brand new condition, and comes with original packing.

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