German Physiks HRS-120 (price reduced)

As with all German-Physiks loudspeakers the key feature of the HRS-120 is the use of our unique DDD driver. One of the most important advantages of the DDD driver is the very high speed with which it is able to respond to sudden changes in the music.

Having designed our perfect cabinet, we set about designing a new bass driver that would be the perfect match. The resulting system comprises a cabinet with an integrated Helmholtz resonator and a brand new bass driver, both of which we are proud to say are built in Germany. The perfect balance of these components produces a bass that is very fast and dynamic, as well as being extended and well controlled. It is never blurred or bloated, as is often found with large speakers and it is perfectly integrated with the output from the DDD driver.

In mint showroom condition. This unit comes with the improved carbon fiber DDD driver. In high gloss wood finish.

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Original Retail Price: $27,400

Sale Price: $8,500

For sale enquiry, please contact:

Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

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