Ariston RD-11S with SME 3 arm (SOLD)

Drive - Belt drive 24-pole hysteresis synchronous motor on silicone isolation sub frame

Platter - Two piece precision ground and balanced platter of 9.5 pound mass

Main bearing - Precision ptfe.

Main shaft with teflon cushioned main bearing shaft.

This ultra low friction self lubricating bearing gives the Ariston turntables state of the art performance.

This new technology gives the Ariston turntables the lowest rumble figures measurable

Suspension - Free floating sub cradle with low mass circular tone arm board and platter, on steel coil springs with polyurethane dampers.

This unique system makes the Ariston turntables the least prone to feedback with minimal stylus bounce due to severe floor vibration.

This item comes with SME Series 3 tonearm, but cartridge is NOT INCLUDED. Still in excellent condition and producing amazing sound quality for its price. Hear to believe!

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