Thiel MCS-1 with stand mount brackets - 1 pair (price reduced)

The 3-way magnetically shielded MCS1 is the big brother to the SCS4, providing similar tonal characteristics but with greater output capability. The midrange/tweeter assembly in the MCS1 is one of Jim Thiel’s most groundbreaking designs, utilizing a single voice coil for both output devices resulting in extremely low distortion. The MCS1 is larger and heavier than the SCS4, but is also ideally suited for either vertical or horizontal, shelf or stand placement. A wonderful match for both music and movie soundtrack applications, the MCS1 is perfect for main, center, or rear channel use.

Still in excellent condition. Comes with dedicated floor mount stands. Sold as a pair

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Original Retail Price: $7,700

Sale Price: $2,500

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Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

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