Acrolink 7N-S10000 II 2m pair (price reduced) (SOLD)

ACROLINK is the sole producer of documented stress-free 7N (purer than 99.99999%) copper in the world.

The basic conductor is formed into a fine ribbon (S10000; 0.8x0.066mm, S20000; 1.88xo.122mm), and then insulated with a fine enamel coating in a Litz structure, enabling a super wide transmission range.

The ribbons are then braided densely, (thereby eliminating strain between conductors) around a center core which consists of a rare polymer of polyolefin (for minimum dielectric constant factor) to form a conductive core. The semiconductor layer is formed to shield against electromagnetic disturbance and foreign noise.

In excellent condition, with original box and certificate.

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