One of the most musical and involving CD players ever built! Feature-packed and highly sought-after on the 2nd hand market.

The core DAC is the classic "King of the Multibit" – Philips TDA1541A chipset. This chipset forms the heart of an extremely unique “Digital Engine” that is comprised of the latest Lattic’s CPLD and TI’s DSP devices. Through the proprietary Digital Master I/Digital Master II settings, the CD-77 is one of the select few digital components that is able to play "bit perfect" audio. This means music, not hifi is the result as the sound is just right because there is no artificial manipulation of the signal (so often found in almost all other machines).

Combined with the revolutionary “Gomez” analogue stage using pure New Old Stock valves throughout and a total of 5 dedicated audio specified transformers, the CD-77 brings the performance of CD back in-line with the very best vinyl has to offer.

In near mint condition, and comes complete with fully functional metal remote control, all accessories and metal flight case.

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