Longyu MAGIC-10000 Power Conditioner (price reduced)

Top model power conditioner designed for high current output. Features 12 outlets (8 American standard, 4 universal output jacks), with 18K gold-plated bronze contacts.

Working current: 16*10A=160A (maximum 300A), A single American standard socket can output 30A.
Output power: 33KW (maximum 66KW)
Power frequency response: 50HZ*5000 frequency=250KHZ.
Insulation pressure: 1500V/minute.
Housing appearance size: 48*36*29cm, chassis made of fine aluminium, anti-magnetic, moisture resistant, anti-pollution, good heat dissipation.
Product net weight: about 50 KG kg.

Less than a year old and still in mint condition.

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Original Retail Price: $17,000

Sale Price: $4,500

For sale enquiry, please contact:

Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

Email: cecil@musicimage.com.sg
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