Octave Audio Phono Module Preamplifier (SOLD)

Octave Audio's excellent Phono Module with one Moving Coil RCA input module (adjustable input impedance 50 Ohm to 1k, 2 Gain Settings). Also features a Line Level Input Module which upgrades the Phono Module to a full Preamplifier with one single-ended (RCA) and one XLR (balanced) line level input.

The balanced (XLR) Direct Drive output module, featuring complex circuitry containing a tube and some integrated circuits that form a perfect balanced converter. This regulated output is also able to drive any power amplifier directly. The RCA outputs are at unity gain and are used to plug into an external preamp. The OCTAVE Phono Module utilizes an external power supply.

In excellent condition, and comes with fully working remote control and original box.

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