Reed Muse 3C turntable (price further reduced) (SOLD)

Muse 3C is powered by two direct current motors and by design is friction-driven, however its major innovation is possibility to convert it to a belt-driven system in minutes by replacing traction rollers and putting on a belt (and, of course, setting a switch to a correct position).

The Muse 3C also features electronic inclinometer (electronic level dedicated to measure turntable slope/tilt angle), which allows user to achieve perfect horizontal alignment without using additional tools.

Turntable can be equipped with one or two tonearms with effective length ranging from 9.5” to 12”.

In almost new condition, and comes with latest upgraded Linear power supply, all accessories, manual and original box. Price is for turntable only. Arm mounts supplied can be used for Reed or Triplanar tonearms.

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