Stealth Dream V10 Digital 1.5m (SOLD)

All Dream V10 cords are made of multiple bundles of silver-plated OFC copper in Teflon insulation, in our proprietary "distributed LITZ" configuration - which puts the least stress on the wires and provides the least possible electrical and electromagnetic interaction between the wires than any other configuration or geometry known to us. Each wire bundle is enclosed in a separate hermetically sealed STEALTH para-vacuum tube** (equivalent to 15-fold vacuum). The combination of para-vacuum and distributed LITZ reduces all forms of interaction between the wire bundles even further, plus - due to an extremely low effective dielectric constant - assures very low energy storage, which is subjectively perceived as improved clarity and very fast coherent sound.

This version is optimised for used with digital components. In mint condition, and comes with original box.

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