Synergistic Research Tesla SE T3 power cord (SOLD)

The TESLA SE T3 Active Power Cord is a high current variant of TESLA SE T2, with a special 4 conductor “T” Series geometry, and 2 high current Tricon geometries. TESLA SE T3 improves on our TESLA SE T2 as a high current power amplifier cable, delivering an enhanced holographic presence, with more air, and a seductive mid-range with a relaxed and musical balance. As a high resolution pre-amp / digital power cord, TESLA SE T3 has increased resolution and air due to its twin Tricon geometries when compared to TESLA SE T2. Thick yet flexible, the T3 is easy to work with and delivers excellent performance on amplifiers, with rich harmonic texture, and enhanced air and resolution on pre amps and digital components.

In excellent condition and comes with original box. This item is connected with a high current 20A IEC plug.

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