Ayon Audio Triton II (price reduced)

The Triton II is Ayon Audio's top model integrated amplifier. Switchable between pentode and triode mode, it is rated at 120 watts (pentode) or 70 watts (triode) in Pure Class A.

This design presents a substantial upgrade to our very popular Triton II. All the gain stages have been re-designed and optimized as well to provide for the shortest signal path and the most direct signal flow. The result is a significant advance in sonic performance, wider and deeper airy soundstage with greatly improved powerful bass punch and dynamics. Musical finesse and superb powerful performance has been combined without compromise into one convenient chassis and affordable pricing.

In pristine condition, and comes complete with remote control, original wooden crate and owner's manual.

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Original Retail Price: $14,600

Sale Price: $5,900

For sale enquiry, please contact:

Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

Email: cecil@musicimage.com.sg
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