Synergistic Research Element CTS speaker cable 8ft pair (price further reduced)

Element Copper Tungsten Silver speaker cables embody the best from our Element Copper and Element Tungsten models with the addition of Silver Air Strings for the most balanced and refined performance in the Element Series. Blind listening tests confirm pure silver when suspended in an actively shielded air dielectric deliver the most refined sound of any element.Combines the best traits of all three elements, Copper, Tungsten and Silver. The most balanced performance in the Element Series. Outperforms any cable from any other manufacturer regardless of price. When silver is combined with copper s low frequency weight and tungsten s holographic portrayal of space you get a cable that embodies everything without compromise; air, speed, finesse and thunderous low frequency extension in the most holographic sound-field you have ever experienced.

In excellent condition, comes with MPC and original box.

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Original Retail Price: $10,245

Sale Price: $3,250

For sale enquiry, please contact:

Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

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