Simon Yorke S10 with S7.1 arm (price reduced) (SOLD)

The S10 represents a logical summation of over 20 years’ experience in turntable design and, by further elaborating upon the previous models we have produced, raises the quality of our art to new levels of engineering professionalism and aesthetic expression.

Conceived from the outset as a professional working tool, the S10 offers a ‘no-holds-barred’ replay capability by using high quality materials, precision engineered for long-term reliability and consistently accurate reproduction. It represents the very best.

Typically supplied with the S7.1 unipivot tonearm, the S10 permits multiple cartridges to be used and quickly interchanged, allowing professional users the ability to make rapid stylus-profile changes in archival applications and, for the audiophile, the option to make near-instant cartridge selection without the need to realign cartridge geometry.

In pristine condition. Comes with optional factory-supplied granite isolation base. Please note, cartridge shown is NOT supplied with this package.

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