My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent Bc (SOLD)

My Sonic Lab cartridges are designed by Mr Yoshio Matsudaira, a young gentleman who initiated his audio career in 1959 as a Tokyo Sound Co. engineer where he was already designing phono cartridges, phono stage, tonearms. He then moved on to Supex and Audiocraf but also participated to the development of different high end analog related products such as Koetsu, Miyabi, Air-Tight, Accuphase, etc.

The Ultra Eminent BC is said to be the first MC cart with the lowest possible internal impedance (0.6 ohm) with relatively high 0.3mV output. To quote Matsudaira-san, “a simple comparison of 2 ohms:0.5mV and 4 ohms:0.5mV shows that the power generation efficiency of the former is double that of the latter and with internal loss one half of the latter.”

In excellent condition, and comes with original box, accessories and literature. Very low playing hours, and works perfectly.

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