Shunyata Research Sigma NR 1.75m UK (SOLD)

The Sigma NR power cable builds upon the worldwide success of its predecessors with massive 6-gauge (VTX™) hollow-core conductors and Shunyata’s own CopperCONN®, solid copper connectors. The Sigma NR’s meticulous design and vanishingly low-resistance to peak current (DTCD®) delivers unparalleled performance when used with even the most current-hungry amplifiers. It’’s built-in wide-bandwidth noise filtration system reduces power-line and component generated power supply noise, making it an ideal choice for source components, power amplifiers and digital systems. Shunyata’s Sigma NR power cable’s advanced materials and standard-setting technology raise the performance bar for others to follow.

Current top model power cord from Shunyata Research. In mint condition and looks like new! Comes with original carrying case. UK version with UK 3 pin plug.

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