Audio Note DAC 0.1x - heavily upgraded!

The DAC uses the revolutionary and currently exclusive Audio Note digital technology dubbed 1x oversampling™ direct from disc™ circuit topology. The technology in essence dispenses with all the correction measures inherent in all other D/A converters and presents the digital signal directly to the converter after reformatting.

The end result being a reproduction more reminiscent of master tape in quality, with greater differentiation and contrast between different recordings.

In mint condition, with original box and owner's manual. This unit has been heavily upgraded with ANUK pure silver wiring, silver-foil signal capacitors and tantalum-foil resistors, Mundorf electrolytic caps in the power supply, Harmonix Enacom and other tuning devices. Truly a one of a kind! Sounds way better than the standard version.

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Original Retail Price: $3,000

Sale Price: $1,600

For sale enquiry, please contact:

Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

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