Silbatone Acoustics DA-105 (SOLD)

The DAC105 Converter combines state of the art digital design with highest-performance analog stages we could invent for the task. Our designers are artists when it comes to integrating tubes with modern devices and the circuitry of the DAC105 and L105 are quite unlike any previously-known designs.

The analog section of the DAC105 had an AD797-based IV converter into a fully-balanced, ultra-wide bandwidth (10-500khz) using a Telefunken 6211 and JFET buffer which does not require an output capacitor. All audio wiring is silver litz. We feel the DAC 105 is a technical tour de force and we invite musical comparison with any D/A converter at any price!

In absolutely mint condition! Seldom seen on the 2nd hand market and highly sought-after.

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