Tara Labs The Muse Interface RCA (SOLD)

The Muse Interface is unlike traditional shielding methods or filter networks. Even complex shielding methods still remain in proximity to the conductors, thereby distorting the audio signal. Filter networks in boxes at the ends of the cables often contain low quality resistors, inductors and capacitors to perform the filtering. These reduce RFI/EMI in the cable by being soldered in series between the signal conductors. This alters the integrity of the signal, in particular, the higher order harmonic structure.

Using The Muse Interface, RFI/EMI is dissipated and absorbed within the Muse technology. This function occurs in isolation from the signal conductors. The signal path is not cut and fitted with additional components. The Muse Interface is extremely effective in eliminating the noise of RFI/EMI without the attendant high-frequency anomalies of filter networks. This translates into a sound that is closer to live than ever before.

In mint condition, with original box

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