Furutech NanoFlux NCF Power Cable 1.8m (SOLD)

The NanoFlux NCF series of AC cables replace the premium Furutech terminations with the new NCF Piezo Ceramic Series connector bodies and housings and employ their Neo-damper damping material in place of the Formula GC-303 EMI-Absorbent Module.

The Flux-50 NCF filter uses an AC-1501R EMI Noise Filter, 24K gold-plated α (Alpha) non-magnetic connectors and conductors to protect against radiated noise, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant flexible PVC sheathing for improved isolation from vibration, high-grade PE insulation to help reduce capacitance, and a Patented Floating Field Damper (US Patent No.: 6,669,491) to create an effective earth/ground jumper system, combined with all the advantages gained from their NCF and α (Alpha) processes. It was designed to eliminate radiated AC noise from high-quality audio and video systems without impacting any of the highest frequencies.

In excellent condition, except for some yellowing of the transparent heatshrink over the connectors. Comes with original box.

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