Kondo KSL-SFz (SOLD)

The KSL-SFZ employees a newly developed core material for further improvement of sound that is free feeling and open. It boasts both stunning fresh sound and delicate expression with wide dynamic range.It is the ultimate pleasure for any analog lover.


Finer structure of coil windings is used to control the peak within a 1.5db level up t0 100khz without requiring a termination resistor in a secondary side.


A large core built up with custom made ultra thin permalloy layers is employed. This controls and hold down eddy current loss and hysteresis loss to gain up to 100khz. The core form has a wide sectional area and short magnetic circuit path to assure ultra low frequencies maintain extremely low distortion.

In near mint condition, with built-in KSL-VzII pure silver lead-out cable. Rated as probably the best MC step-up transformer ever made!

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