Project Xtension 12 with 12" Ortofon arm (SOLD)

Massive 3 speed belt-drive turntable equipped with Ortofon 12" AS-309S static balance tonearm. The Xtension 12 employs a unique combination of advanced contemporary technologies.

The critically acclaimed 6perspeX has proved the fantastic result of using magnets to isolate the subchassis. So consequently, for the Xtension this technology has been re-developed to utilise new magnetic feet, which almost completely decouple the main plinth. Combine this with the weighty 25kg total mass of the turntable, and the listener benefi ts from minimal base resonance. This is a unique combination of 'mass loaded' and 'floating turntable' design principals.

This item also comes with a host of optional accessories like the Powerbox RS Uni 4 way linear power supply, Connect It power cable RS and Connect It 5P CC tonearm wire.

In truly excellent condition. Complete system ready to play. All you need is to add on a cartridge.

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