Tara Labs RSC Evolution Digital 75 BNC 1m

The RSC Air Evolution digital is an excellent digital cable due to not only it’s ability to deal with “Jitter” distortion, but because of it’s unique construction that makes this digital cable an absolute necessity with those components that use digital cabling.

The RSC Air Evolution digital uses our SA-OF8N conductors. Rectangular solid core (RSC) that is 99.999999 pure copper, oxygen-free, mono-crystal, hand-polished and frequency -tuned Gen2. Using TARA Labs Anti-Corrosion copper braided shielding, this removes EMI/RF interference, as well as coming equipped with an EVO ground station system.

In mint condition, with original box. Please note, this item comes factory terminated with BNC connectors on both ends.

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Original Retail Price: $1,160

Sale Price: $650

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Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

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