Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold

The Liquid Gold headphone amplifier is a true differential solid-state design. Each channel has its own independent rail regulators. The chassis is in a single package (housing the power supply) in stealth black. The Gold has 9W of power going into a 50-Ohm load. The unique features of the RCA single ended input is that converts to balanced. There is also a switch on the front of the amplifier for adjusting the gain to accommodate both high and low impedance and various load of different headphones.

A true masterpiece and acclaimed by many to be THE best solid state headphone amplifier ever built! NEVER seen on the 2nd hand market.

In mint condition, and comes with original box.

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Original Retail Price: $8,760

Sale Price: $4,500

For sale enquiry, please contact:

Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

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