Gryphon Colossium Solo Class A monoblock (SOLD)

The most comprehensive and intensive research and development project in the history of the Gryphon brand culminates in the launch of the Gryphon Colosseum Solo single-channel power amplifier.

Building on the success and acclaim accorded the two-channel Colosseum, the monoblock Colosseum Solo exudes strength, painstaking attention to even the minutest details, uncompromising stability under virtually any operating conditions and exceptional transient response, phase response and current capability. Armed with enormous current reserves, it will never be caught off guard by the complex impedance loads of even the most demanding loudspeaker.

Please note, this version comes with the extra cost optional carbon fibre side panels, and 2 x Gryphon VIP power cords (each valued at $3500). Higher quality pics available upon request.

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Click here for review of the stereo version.

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