Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha C19 1.8m (SOLD)

Previous top model power cord from Shunyata Research. The Anaconda Helix is a rotund 8-gauge power cord with 13 counter-rotating conductors braided into Shunyata's patented Helix geometry, which reportedly "dramatically reduces self-induced AC reactance while also providing exceptional immunity to RFI/EMI noise components." The Helix geometry is so complex that it has to be braided by hand.

All Shunyata Helix conductors are drawn from certified CDA-101 copper, which is considered the purest copper available. Connectors are the Shunyata-designed custom-made Venom IEC and plug, whose conductive parts feature a proprietary silver-and-rhodium co-plating process.

In excellent condition, and comes with original box and carry case. Please note, this is the 20A version that is ideal for all Shunyata power conditioners, Audio Research components and other equipment that comes with a 20A IEC connector.

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