Devialet Expert 250 Pro

There really is nothing like the Devialet, every review, even from the most respected journalists who have heard it all can’t say enough good things about the whole range. It is certainly revolutionary with many patents against it including the hybrid power design at its heart, using both Class A to voice it and Class D to power it, all very clever. Not to forget the online Configurator, Ipad app, Streamer section, built in phono stage, high quality DAC that up samples all sources to 24/192, even vinyl + free firmware updates for life, oh yes and it looks quite nice too.

In excellent condition, with all accessories and original box and carry bag. This comes with a custom and very rare satin black finish. 2 units available and able to convert to 1000 Pro model if paired together. Upgraded with the latest Core Infinity updates.

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Original Retail Price: $25,500

Sale Price: $13,000

For sale enquiry, please contact:

Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

Email: cecil@musicimage.com.sg
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