Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck (SOLD)

The ‘Ace’ looks almost identical to the standard Spacedeck but costs a hundred or two pounds more more. For the reasons outlined below, we now regard this as the logical entry point to the range.

Under the skin, there are substantial differences : oil pumping bearing and lead loaded steel for various parts of the assembly, including the motor housing. Tom Fletcher’s design makes much of the effects of energy dissipation through layers of decoupled mass on one hand and the bearing quality on the other. The Ace Spacedeck moves forward in both of these areas and the changes are bewilderingly large.

This is a MUCH better deck than the standard model. It is ridiculously good value compaired to its cheaper sibling.

This unit comes with the Ortofon TA-100 tonearm that is considered superior to the standard Ace-Space arm. Also included with the optional arm mount for a 2nd tonearm on the left side. Can be switched for either SME or other brands of arm.

In excellent condition, and fully serviced.

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