Reimyo CAT-777 MK II Premplifier

Introduced for the first time at Munich show in May 2010, CAT-777MKII has captured great attention by specialized audio Medias, audiophile around the Europe and many visitors from Countries other than Europe. Designed in combination with our rich and unique technology in addition to our traditional Harmonix resonance control technology by using selected materials, custom made parts such as condenser, transformers, internal wires mentioned fewer here, CAT-777MKII has been raved as the best vacuum control amplifier in Audio Industry today.

This unit is brand new! Only taken out of its packaging for photos to be taken. Comes with original packing and all accessories. Also includes Harmonix Studio Master power cord.

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Original Retail Price: $30,600

Sale Price: $18,500

For sale enquiry, please contact:

Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

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