Furutech Demag LP demagnetizer (price reduced) (SOLD)

The new Furutech DeMag is a brand-new tool for demagnetizing LPs, CDs, DVDs, SACDs, CD-Rs and DVD-Audio discs. It can also remove built-up magnetism in interconnects, speaker cables and power cords. We know what you're thinking: Records are made of vinyl. How can you demagnetize an LP? Furutech tells us the carbon used to color vinyl attracts a magneticcharge and this charge affects the magnetic fields in your cartridgecreating distortion. After you demagnetize your records on the DeMag, you will not believe the difference.

In brand new condition and never used! Item only taken out of box for photo-taking. Comes with original box, Furutech power cord and manual.

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