Da Vinci Audio Labs' AAS Gabriel reference turntable (price reduced)

"Almost every time we do an analog Buyer’s guide we feature a picture of the aas gabriel/Da vinci reference turntable on the“cover.” The reason should be obvious to anyone with eyes: it’s among the most beautiful hi-fi components in the world.Happily, in the Da vinci’s case beauty is more than skin-deep, for the latest iteration of this design gem is also one of the highest-fidelity turntables and tonearms in the world."

Jonathan Valin, Executive Editor TAS

In near mint condition, with original box and all accessories. DOES NOT come with tonearm.

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Original Retail Price: $90,500

Sale Price: $29,500

For sale enquiry, please contact:

Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

Email: cecil@musicimage.com.sg
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