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TW Acustic Raven GT with Ortofon RS-309D arm (SOLD)

The newly-developed Raven GT is not simply there to fill the gap between our base model the Raven One and the classic Raven AC. It incorporates knowledge and experience that we have made over the years. The primary aim was to be able to offer a compact turntable which could run two tonearms without any sonic compromise for a reasonable price.

The basic shape is similar to the Raven One. However, unlike the Raven One, the 22kg chassis of the GT is made from black anodised Aluminium, and due to its shape is considerably more compact and takes up little more space than a 12" LP.

This unit comes with the upgraded Raven AC copper platter, and optional 2nd armboard. Packaged with an Ortofon top-model RS-309D 12" tonearm. All items in mint condition, and come with original boxes.
TW Acustic Raven GT with Ortofon RS-309D arm

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