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Audio Note AN-J/LX Hemp (high gloss) with matching stands (SOLD)

The design of the AN-J Loudspeaker, follows an altogether different philosophy. It calls for a cabinet that complements the chosen drive units, rather than fighting against them. Instead of trying to kill the resonances, we tailor the cabinet to place them in frequency bands where they aid and enhance the operation of the drive units, culminating in a loudspeaker system that makes the most of the preceding amplifier’s output.

The material choice for the cabinet is an area where a great deal of research and development has taken place. Over the years, we have tried many different materials and combinations, a time consuming endeavour culminating in the current design, which utilises the highest quality Russian Birch ply for the entire cabinet. Bracing and internal damping is kept to a minimum and strategically applied to help, not hinder the drivers.

In absolutely mint condition! Drivers looks like new. In premium high gloss finish. Comes with matching Audio Note speaker stands and Audio Note pure silver wire jumpers.

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Audio Note AN-J/LX Hemp

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